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@The_CAAFootball Media Day Recap

Jul 29, 2011, 9:43 AM EDT

Now that the excitement of Wednesday’s event has died down we wanted to throw some of the recaps at you.  There is all sorts of great content from our schools and those members of the media which attended.  Speaking of those who attended, we are proud to announce Wednesday’s event attracted nearly 200 total registrants…a record for media day attendance in the five years CAA Football has held the event.  A huge thank you goes out to all who were at the event and made that possible.

Those numbers are simply people who were at the event.  It doesn’t include the 200+ readers of the live blog, the 600+ who jumped on and the 6,000 people who visited Wednesday.  Those numbers, combined with our overwhelming response and viewership on the Media Day Live show, are tremendous statistics which will only help us as we grow our coverage of CAA Football in the future.

If you happen to have missed CAA Football Media Day Live on or just want to watch it again logon to between now and the end of August for the full two-hour show in the network’s archive. has plans to archive the show as well in segments once ESPN3’s archive timeframe expires.

We posted loads of videos and photos from throughout the day to, while our live blog in conjunction with Media Day Live was going on.  Here is the photo gallery located on

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Most of our programs also posted information to their sites throughout the day.  Below is just a sampling of the videos produced by our schools during the event.  Be sure to visit each of our programs’ sites for more information like this.

Most of the media members who joined in making our day a great one assembled all sorts of recaps from the day.  Below is a sampling of the stories and recaps we found online from journalists around our league.