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It’s All About That 405: John Laub’s Journey

Feb 5, 2013, 1:00 PM EDT

source:  Former University of Richmond quarterback John Laub (’12) is currently training for the Spiders’ Pro Day and a shot to play at the next level. Join him on his journey as he shares his thoughts and experiences alongside his coach and three training partners in a series of weekly blog posts. Laub’s first post can be found below.

Hey CAA Football Fans, I’m John Laub and for those of you who don’t know me, I was the University of Richmond’s senior captain and quarterback this past season and helped lead our team to a CAA Football Championship. I’ve since graduated and am moving on to the next phase of my life, which is why I am writing this blog and giving CAA Football’s followers a look into my journey as I look to pursue playing football at the next level.

Hundreds of college football players around the nation are preparing themselves for the biggest opportunity of their lives to date in hopes of catching the interest of teams around the league and earning a spot on a roster in 2013. Hopefully what I share with you over in this and future posts will give you a better understanding of the behind-the-scenes work that athletes put in for a chance to make their dreams come true.

My journey started on December 31 with my first day of training that will ultimately lead up to my Pro Day at Richmond on March 19th. I decided to complete my training with Justin Kavanaugh, who runs the Sport and Speed Institute based out of Northern Virginia. There are four of us who decided to train with Coach Kav, and we’ve formed a close-knit group that pushes each other day in and day out. Training with me are a fellow UR teammate, Darryl Hamilton, along with Rob McCabe from Georgetown and Brian Slay from NC State.

The first week of our training was all evaluation based to see where everyone was flexibility-wise, strength-wise and overall health-wise having just come off of our seasons only a few weeks prior. Slay had his final bowl game on New Years Day, so he had the least time to relax of us all.

Coach Kav is a very detail-oriented person and is very tuned into noticing minor things that need adjusting. For example, based on how I was shifting my weight back and forth, he saw that I needed a lot of ankle strengthening and mobility work. We also ran through the different tests that will be a part of each one of our Pro Days, including bench testing so we could get a baseline for everything. Thank goodness Kav is good at what he does because we all started out looking a little sluggish compared to where we are now after only one month. After that first week we’ve gotten into our normal regimen of training that includes 55 scheduled workouts until our March Pro Days.

Our training has us on a corporate world type schedule in which we go from about 9-5 Monday through Friday in order to get the work in that we need. This took some getting used to because for the past four and a half years I was balancing my class and football schedules, so to be invested in one thing for eight hours a day takes a lot of focus and concentration as you could imagine.

Our day covers everything from stretching and personalized mobility work to field/position work, lifting, conditioning, agility/movement work and test preparation. We do most if not all of those every entire day. I’ve come to quickly realize that your body is your money maker in this sense and you have to not only perfect your craft as a football player but perfect your body in all facets as well.

The point that really drives this home for me and the other three guys I’m training with is the number 405. Coach Kav came to us at the beginning of the third week of training and told us that the number to keep in the back of our minds is 405. He said, “According to the CBA [Collective Bargaining Agreement], that is the league minimum next year for a player that earns a spot on the 53-man roster of an NFL team.”

You have to work tirelessly every day to make sure you’re doing what needs to be done in order to get that $405,000. It’s not something that you can turn on and off, but rather it has to be a part of your daily mindset that you’re going to go out and make this thing happen and get that number. That’s something that’s in the back of each of our mind’s every single day when we step into our training facility over in Chantilly, Va.: What are you going to do today in order to get one step closer to your goal of making a roster?

I’m starting this blog having already completed the first month of my training, and in my future posts I’ll definitely be going into a bit more detail, sharing some stories and giving a little more insight into what I’m doing to try and go get that 405. Since is the first post, I wanted to set the stage so to speak, so trust me there’s a lot more that goes into this thing than just the general stuff that I’ve mentioned today. Hopefully at the end of this thing, people will gain an understanding and appreciation for the journey that my fellow CAA Football alumni and I are going on to try and find ourselves playing on Sundays. It’s all about that 405!!