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On the Offseason With Stephon Robertson

Apr 17, 2013, 10:00 AM EDT

source:  Editor’s Note: James Madison LB Stephon Robertson will guest blog for CAA Football over the spring and summer to give readers more insight into life in the offseason. The first post from the rising senior and reigning CAA Defensive Player of the Year can be found below.

Before I got to James Madison, there was always a tradition of a great offseason. Some guys were probably hesitant about this offseason because it would be the first with a new strength and conditioning coach, Jason Riddell.

At the beginning of the fall, many of us were not too fond of our new coach (laugh). During this offseason, however, I can honestly say it’s probably been our best yet. Everyone is gaining weight and improving, and with spring ball having  started there has been more to come.

Normally, we start four days a week with lifting and run three times a week. We regularly do a long-distance run on Monday and Friday with stations on Wednesday. Mickey loves those stations… but seriously, they are awful. This year is the first year we have had to do stations three days in a row while also running every day.

Some of y’all might say I’m complaining, hahaha. My motto is as long as we finish anything coach gives us, we have the right to complain because we were dead. It’s honestly all in good fun though because as my dad always says, “It’s the things in life you have to do but don’t like that get you far.”

This week we have concluded our third week of spring practice. Our main purpose this spring is to replace guys that left and to improve on all the things we didn’t do well last season. For instance, our sack production was terrible last year, so Coach (Jeff) Hanson was hired. He is a hard, mean, Clint Eastwood type of guy. So far, this is the best defensive line technique-wise and talent-wise that I have seen in a while though. Right now, I think Alex Mosley is going to anchor the d-line, as he is the most athletic big guy I’ve seen in my life. Brandon Lee is coming on, as he is just pure motor – our Luol Deng of the team. Hahaha, I am kidding. But we do bug him about looking like Luol Deng.

We’re going to install some new stuff this week, including more new coverages to try and increase our turnovers this year. I think we have so much talent that a lot of guys can play a lot of other positions. This is a good thing to have because we’re able to run different coverages.

With all of this in mind, stay tuned for the next blog!