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Thank You, Mr. Burrus

Apr 2, 2014, 12:37 PM EDT

A few weeks ago, CAA Football learned that our communications director, Zach Burrus, would be leaving the confines of Richmond, Va., to take an exciting new step in his professional career and move to Boston, Mass.

Those outside CAA Football might not have known exactly who Zach was, or exactly what he implemented as well as developed for the betterment of the league and its future. Trust me when I say, he will be missed. I’ll also say that Mr. Burrus didn’t want to take the spotlight for some of his positive improvements and still won’t. Seriously, it was actually difficult to find a photo of him even after all of his traveling across the league to every campus and stadium from Orono to Williamsburg.

But, that’s bedsides the point. This is not mean’t to be a corny or boring post, just a simple thank you.

Zach, who once was in my current shoes as the CAA Communications Assistant, took the CAA Football communications job and ran with it right away after jumping into the position in the early fall of 2012. Burrus, along with his/my mentor, Scott Meyer, oversaw many different aspects involving CAA Football and without the two of them, many things that make it so great would not have existed.

Everything from social media consistency — live-tweeting on Saturdays from the @CAAFootball Twitter account — to witty Instagram posts, even creating and giving a vision for our continued #CAAFB “On Campus” features. Many of us at the CAA hope you, the fans, enjoyed the on campus coverage as much as we did. Especially being able to tell stories about coaches, players and fans that might not have been heard by those around the league. It was also a treat getting to know the great fan bases that add so much more to the pedigree of CAA Football.

That was all in part thanks to Zach’s vision — along with the major influence, help and guidance from Meyer (the Associate Commissioner – Integrated Digital Strategies/Football), Bobby Broyles and Alex Souza (both directors of video services for the league) and CAA Commissioner Tom Yeager. It was also Zach’s dedication to help run a league and promote CAA Football in the best possible manner.

With that said, thank you, Zach.