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#CAAFB Twitter 101

Aug 28, 2014, 2:30 PM EDT

During college football season, Twitter is fun. No, scratch that. Twitter is awesome during that time.

It brings just about every single thing I love about the game into one single place over the course of an entire day. I can check stats, see highlights instantly, get reactions from fans, writers, even coaches and players before and after the game, and not miss a beat.

Saturdays in the fall generally involve checking the Twitterverse multiple times, watching Gameday until noon, and then anxiously awaiting to see what unfolds across CAA Football. This is probably not shocking to anyone, nor any different for many of the classic #CAAFB fans.

I also thoroughly enjoy interacting with our league’s fans during games and would highly recommend  following our CAA Football account, @CAAFootball. That account is frequently updated with live game insight and humor, plus recaps, stats and highlights. Seriously, follow it. Also, utilize our Tagboard for #CAAFB, which is pretty neat if you haven’t checked it out already. If you use #CAAFB on Twitter or interact with the league by mentioning us, we’re darn good at responding and interacting back at you.

During Media Day in late July, of course I had to speak about Twitter with one of the conference’s most exciting play makers — and nicest guy around — John Robertson of Villanova. And I’m not just saying that, he actually is a genuine college kid who also happens to be one of the top dual-threat QBs in all of the FCS.

On top of speaking with Robertson, I also talked with his teammate, senior Poppy Livers. Has to be in the running for best name in the league, right? Side note: his real name is Lawrence, which is almost better than Poppy.

I asked Robertson and Livers about coaches who use Twitter, and whether or not either followed their own head coach, Andy Talley (@Coach_Talley), who is one of many CAA Football coaches on the medium.

Both dodged that question with a smile.

“He’s very low-key, calm with the tweets,” added Robertson about Talley’s Twitter account. “It’s real (not run by someone else), a lot of re-tweets and quotes from the Villanova athletics account. I think he does run it.”

Livers quickly responded, “You know what, I don’t know if he does. He might have an assistant on the side. Who knows, at least he has an account.”

Both Livers, who is also on Twitter, and Robertson agree that the best Nova football member to follow is assistant coach Brian Flinn.

“Coach Flinn has a lot of jokes on Twitter,” Robertson said. “He’s a big Eagles fan and is not afraid to show that. His ratio for followers is pretty darn good.”

“I’m never on Twitter really,” admitted Robertson, “or else I would shout myself out right now. I don’t think I’ve tweeted in two years now. But coach Flinn is probably the best.”

I also asked a similar question to Delaware senior captain Pat Callaway, another Twitter user, about whether or not he follows UD head coach Dave Brock.

“He tweets here and there,” Callaway said with a smirk. “I personally don’t follow any of my coaches – just a personal preference.”


Below are some of the various #CAAFB related Twitter accounts that I suggest you follow over the course of the upcoming season.


Head Coaches:

UAlbany HC Greg Gattuso – @CoachGGattuso | Delaware HC Dave Brock – @HensCoachBrock | Elon HC Rich Skrosky – @CoachSkrosky | JMU HC Everett Withers – @JMUCoachWithers | Maine HC Jack Cosgrove  – @CoachCosMFB | Rhode Island HC Jim Fleming – @CoachFlem | Towson HC Rob Ambrose – @Coach_Ambrose


UAlbany – @UAlbanyFootball | Delaware – @UDBlueHens | Elon – @ElonFB | JMU – @JMUFootball | Maine – @BlackBearsFB | New Hampshire – @UNH_Football | Rhode Island – @RhodyFootball | Richmond – @Spider_Football | Stony Brook – @StonyBrookFB | Towson – @Towson_FB | Villanova – @NovaFootball | William & Mary – @TribeAthletics | CAA Football – @CAAFootball |

#CAAFB Crew:

Alex Souza, Director of Video Services – @_AlexHSouza_ | Bobby Broyles, Director of Video Services – @BobbyBroyles  | Eric Wieberg, Director of Football Operations & Communications – @ewieberg | Scott Meyer, Associate Commissioner, Integrated Digital Strategies/Football – @scott_meyer | Tim McDonnell, Communications Assistant – @timpmcdonnell |