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CAA Football Players Sign NFL Rookie Free Agent Deals

May 6, 2015, 1:26 PM EDT

CAA Football had three players selectedย in the 2015 NFL Draft, but they’re not the only ones withย professional opportunities. Below is a list of players from CAA Football who have signed rookie free-agent deals with NFL teams since the draft concluded. This list will update throughout the offseason.



Brian Parker (WR), San Diego Chargers


James Madison

Dean Marlowe (S), Carolina Panthers

Sage Harold (DL), Kansas City Chiefs

Brandon Lee (DL), Seattle Seahawks

Daniel Brown (WR), Baltimore Ravens



Damarr Aultman (WR), Miami Dolphins


New Hampshire

Mike Coccia (OL), Philadelphia Eagles

R.J. Harris (WR), New Orleans Saints

Harold Spears (TE), New Orleans Saints


Rhode Island

Andrew Bose (LB), Baltimore Ravens



Ben Edwards (WR), New York Giants

Austin Gund (OL), Detroit Lions

Aaron Roane (LB), Pittsburgh Steelers

Jacob Ruby (OL), New York Giants

Michael Strauss (QB), Kansas City Chiefs

Justin Grant (DB), Jacksonville Jaguars


Stony Brook

Adrian Coxson (WR), Green Bay Packers

Will Tye (TE), New York Giants



Ryan Delaire (DL), Tampa Bay Buccaneers



Earnest Pettway (TE), Kansas City Chiefs

Vince Kowalski (OL), Green Bay Packers


William & Mary

Mike Reilly (DL), Cleveland Browns

Jasper Coleman (DL), Houston Texans